Himalayan Holiday Granola


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Himalayan Holiday Granola was created to refresh mountain deja vu using superfoods from The Himalayas.

This granola is from our second series launch and was conceptualised purely for the love of Himalayas. It is 60% nuts, seeds and fruits, thereby, making it rich in healthy fats and high quality plant protein. This is quite an Indian granola for the choice of ingredients that are mostly of Indian origin. What’s completely unique here is the taste from goji berries that is new and interesting. It is a treat for both – taste and visual senses.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 60% Nuts, Seeds, Fruits
  • No Added Refined Sugar
  • Zero Trans Fats
  • Rich in healthy fats and plant protein

Taste and texture : It is a mildly sweet with a unique and pleasant flavour from the goji berries, that create a very compatible pairing with oats, amaranth and the selectively chosen dried fruit, seeds and nuts.

Bring Café Home :

    1. KNOW every single ingredient that goes into your granola
    2. Overnight pudding : Soak it in milk of choice along with banana/ berries and a dash of maple syrup or dates or any sweetener of your choice, in the fridge and devour the next morning.
    3. Add as an ingredient in pancakes, muffins, bars, etc.
    4. A beautiful and delicious topper for salads


Rolled Oats, Almonds(15%), Certified Organic Raw Honey, Goji Berries(11%), Chia Seeds(7%), Pumpkin Seeds(7%), Apricots(5%), Banana(5%), Puffed Amaranth(5%), Apple(5%), Rice Bran Oil, Rock Salt.