Our environment friendly initiatives

An integral part of The Nibble Box is to keep finding ways how we can be better and environmentally friendlier in our food, processes and packaging. 

FOOD : we are proud to be consistently a zero food-waste company since our inception.

PACKAGING  : The Nibble Box introduced glass jar packaging in the Indian market. This was for all our granola. We are glad to get a great response back then probably because the cereal market across the world had only known packaging that involved plastic and other environment damaging materials. This breakthrough inspired us even more to continue to be on the path of choosing environment friendly options.

We are happy to share our latest development as we take another step forward towards making The Nibble Box a 100% environment friendly brand. This is our eco-friendly packaging for our select products to start with. This packaging is made of paper-based material. It helps with up to 80% decrease in carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) through the reduced use of plastic material, a practice that has become a serious global issue.

VEGAN : TNB did not start vegan and we were using honey to sweeten a few of our breakfasts. By 2017, our entire offering, which was over 110 breakfasts and snacks, were veganized. We were procuring honey in quintals. The more we studied about beekeeping, and the manipulation and exploitation of the bees, the more we got inclined towards making TNB a 100% plant-based brand.

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