Rose Chia Seed Pudding Breakfast Mix [65% seeds- dried fruit by weight, nut free, no refined sugar, gluten free, plant based]

₹ 325

  • Tastes and feels creamy, dessert-like 
  • You don’t need to make it because it makes on its own (overnight in the fridge) 
  • Made using brilliant ingredients 
  • Just add milk to make this breakkie 
  • It is a BREAKFAST that tastes like a dessert and is loaded with health benefits 
  • Gluten free and gut friendly 
  • Vegan friendly – No milk , no eggs 
  • No refined sugar 
  • High quality Plant Protein 
  • Brilliant Ingredients 
  • Same results every single time 
  • Light and low calorie 
  • High fiber 
  • Can satisfy all sweet cravings in a very healthy way