iced vegan coffee smoothie recipe : easy and amazing

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Coffee Smoothie

a nutritious plant-based/ vegan recipe 
perfect for summers

Make chilled, vegan coffee smoothie with this easy recipe (no dairy, no refined sugar): 
Recipe serves 2
Ingredients : 
1 cup or 250 ml water
30g or 2 tablespoons of TNB Plant milk base
60 ml coffee decoction
sweetener of choice. we recommend 1 tablespoon of date syrup
1 medium ripe banana (frozen banana for extra creaminess)
4 ice cubes
optional : 1 teaspoon of chia seeds
Method : blend all the ingredients until smooth. Serve chilled.
Benefits of this beverage : 
Almonds and Coconut in plant milk base are loaded with nutritional benefits and also help with satiety. These are great for hormone health, too.
Banana helps with digestive issues and is one of the best natural sweeteners along with dates (fiber rich)
Chia seeds are a rich source of protein.

No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavours/ colours. No-fillers. No gums/ starches. No gluten.
Real, good and honest ingredients make food that boosts mood and energy in a natural and sustained way. 

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