5 things to look for when drinking #HotChocolate for its benefits (also helps with choosing the right kind of chocolate for you).


1. INGREDIENTS to be minimal, right and top-notch – Look for #BrilliantIngredients like cocoa mass/ cocoa butter which add to the benefits from chocolate. #ReadTheLabels Choose only real, quality ingredients when it comes to chocolate. Enjoy pure.

2. CHOOSE DARK Hot Chocolate – If the Chocolate in your hot chocolate is dark, the better it is as there will be no unwanted ingredients like milk solids, excess refined sugar, etc. Most hot chocolates are simply made using cocoa powder, sugar and milk – that is zero healthy fats and almost no benefits that a good chocolate is actually famous for. #ReadTheLabels There has to be pure chocolate on that list. #EveryIngredientMatters

3. VEGAN friendly – If the chocolate used in your Hot Chocolate has milk solids as one of the key ingredients, it not only deprives you of the benefits that you could get from it, but also gives a wrong idea about a really good beverage that Hot Chocolate is.

5. TASTE – Real, pure chocolate has a way better taste and mouth feel than the other kind. The cocoa mass makes it feel luscious on the palette.

Once you have made your choice for drinking only the good quality, loaded with benefits Dark Hot Chocolate, you will never look back. Your taste buds will instantly know the difference. Till then, make full use of what we always suggest : #ReadTheLabels

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻

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