5 easy ways to nourish your body with seeds

5 easy ways to nourish your body with seeds
Seeds, the very word is mighty and so full of life, don’t you think – it is the very spring to LIFE. They are proven powerhouses of nutrition. They are rich in fibre, healthy fats, antioxidants and work as an excellent source of plant protein. Consumption of variety of seeds is suggested to increase diversity of the gut microbiome (diversity of foods help the gut bacteria thrive – ideal for a healthy gut).


How to incorporate seeds in your daily life

Back in the days during our seed cycling discussions on Instagram, you shared with us how you tend to miss out on your daily intake of seeds.

First, just know that you are not the only one. And second, it is gets much easier to enjoy your seeds daily by making a ritual out of it :

✅ position your jar of seeds at a place where you can spot them, and

✅ fix a time when you will take them

6 ways to how you can boost your nutrition by consuming seeds

 1. BLEND :
If you drink smoothies, this is the easiest, simplest way. Put whole seeds in your smoothie and blend. They are easy and quick to blend and undetectable after blending.

Like how you see in our today’s brekkie, you can top almost every breakfast with seeds. These add amazing crunch and still no strong flavour. You don’t have to work on this if you are having your favourite TNB Granola because each one is rich in seeds. If you are looking for an #AllSeedsGranola, you must try our Seedy Seatmate Granola, it is faboulous.

3. BAKE :
Are your baking TNB Banana Bread anytime soon? Do not miss adding in some seeds in the batter or even on the top right before you bake. You will love the crunchy bits in every bite while also nourishing your body.
Whether it is whole seeds or powdered, you can add a whole lot of nutrition to your salads and even sabzis (because, why not?) by adding in a little at first and then working up your way. Even tiny quantities add in the nutrition.

Lightly toast mixed seeds till fragrant and then season them with spices of choice. Enjoy as a snack. This also makes us think about having it in the TNB Menu, what do you think?

6. the most innovative one :
You can make nut free plant-based milks and creamy sauces using seeds. How cool and creative is that. Tell us if you try.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day!

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