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TNB offers the largest variety of high quality, health boosting breakfasts and snacks. Enjoy over 100 wholesome and nutrient dense Granola, Porridge, Pancakes, Bars, Beverages and a lot more that you won’t find anywhere else.

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The Nibble Box is a Gluten free and Plant based brand. (Research suggests that it  makes the body happier and our planet healthier)

Breakfast that deepens self love and encourages mindful, experiential and slow living.

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A L M O N D  F L O U R

Pancake Mix

Make fluffy, round, evenly browned, melt-in-mouth pancakes in under 5 minutes. Your gluten-free (no wheat), dairy-free pancakes are made using wholesome ingredients with 75% nuts, seeds and dried fruit.


A L M O N D  F L O U R

Superfood Porridge

Warm, creamy, easy
porridge in 60 seconds.

  • Gluten free (wheat-free)
  • Plant protein
  • Fiber rich
  • with goodness of Oats and Amaranth
  • Healthy fats
  • minimum 40% Nuts, Seeds and dried fruits

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Kids 'see-real' you have been waiting for

Whole, just like how it was born

  • Made using Amaranth/ Rajgira – tiny nutrient dense seeds that are rich in Calcium, Iron, protein, minerals and vitamins
  • High quality plant protein (balanced amino acid profile) from its major ingredient : Amaranth.
  • Bare minimal processing keeping the Amaranth whole
  • Made using coconut sugar – a nutritious derivative of coconut palm flower.
  • 72% Seeds, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Gluten free 
  • Plant-based

NO additives/ preservatives/ artificial ingredients

NO refined sugar

B r e a k f a s t  B a r s 
& C o o k i e s

Clean, plant-based bars with no refined sugar

  • 37% to 100% nuts-seeds-dried fruit
  • wholesome, clean-labelled snack
  • over 10 delectable flavours
  • healthy fats and plant protein
  • plant based
  • gluten free (no wheat)
NO refined sugar NO Transfats No Preservatives/ Additives


Hot Chocolate Mix

Smooth, delicious and hits the spot just right. Contains bits of high quality, pure 70% Belgian chocolate to make luscious, rich Hot Chocolate.




Made using natural, wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients, this  Chikki-inspired snack is more than 80% whole nuts.

Got way too many jars? Get refill packs for Granola, Superfood Porridge, Hot Chocolate and more.

NO syrups/ artificial additives have been used in making GudNut

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Refill Packs

Got way too many jars? Get refill packs for Granola, Superfood Porridge, Hot Chocolate and more.

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