About Us

Our Story

As we progress into the future, we face a new challenge. As the most evolved species that we belong to, we have to not just keep up with the times, but do what must be done to not just survive but to thrive. We decided to do something right with one of the most crucial of what we find at the very beginning of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs - Food. Linking that to the times that we are into, food is no more just an activity to reply to the brain's signals to hunger. Science has evolved to know a lot more beyond just hunger that "food" very magically and modestly does to keep this most sophisticated piece of technology (our body) do wonderful things and keep the game of evolution go stronger than ever. Hence, food has to evolve too. The Nibble Box is a small contribution in this awe-inspiring phenomenon. We create functional food to meet the very logical needs of the body. That's just a small part of what we do. What we majorly do is Research and Development and also find ways to make all the deliciousness reach you, wherever you are.