About Us

Our Story

The Nibble Box is the first online snack-subscription service in the country. Indian food is famous, delicious, and everything it should be and so everyday, we look forward to our three meals of the day. But, our team at The Nibble Box feels that there should be much more to it. Something that keeps us alive and kicking, happy and curious, innovative and hence thinking- the in-between small meals that we call 'snacks'. What if those just-filling munch-ons, became our powerhouses? How about snacks that are delicious, nutritious and healthier and are loved by all? That’s how The Nibble Box was born!

The ingredients of our snack recipes are handpicked and we ensure that they are the best in quality and taste. We have over 100 snack recipes that include nuts, dried fruits, seeds, granola bars, and other home-style recipes. Throughout your subscription, we try our best never to put a repeat snack in your box so that you can enjoy different snacks every week.

Every Nibble Box is an eclectic mix of 4 snacks from our over 100 snack recipes. Our snacks are designed to suit appetites of all sorts. According to the subscription-type you choose, we deliver one box to your office or home every week. For example: If you choose one-month subscription, we deliver one box every week for 4 weeks to your office or home. We do not charge for delivery on subscriptions. The Nibble Box is one simple solution to your daily hunt for a different and delicious snack. The fact that our snacks are also nutritious helps you maintain a balanced lifestyle.