Breakfast that deepens self-love and encourages mindful, experiential and slow living

Mug cake (Brownie)

(Nuts and Dried Fruits) 74%

Cakes are special. And are never underrated despite showing up more and more frequently every year. We all eat a lot more cake than we used to as kids. And so that more cake keeps making us more happy, we created this cake mix using very special (because “Every Ingredient Matters”) and less than seven ingredients. The result is a decadent, easy to make, bitter-sweet, gluten free, vegan friendly dark chocolate mug cake that is also rich in healthy fats. 

Pancake mix (Chocolate)

(Nuts and Dried Fruits) 75%

We LOVE pancakes! Who doesn’t? But what we wanted to change about the pancakes that have been existing till now, any guesses? THE INGREDIENTS! (Because “Every Ingredient Matters”) We can easily say that our 2019 – the whole year has gone into only perfecting these Pancake Mixes. The result is fluffy, easy to make, melt-in-mouth, gluten free, zero refined sugar, vegan friendly pancakes that are also rich in healthy fats and plant protein. But the best part is the raw banana flour – such a functional  ingredient for gut. 

Cacao cove

(Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits) 40%

This granola has strong and earthy pairing of cacao and coconut.

It is from our first second launch and was created to be totally different from chocohazelnut Chuckwagon granola and yet with everything chocolate. It is 36% nuts, seeds and fruits, thereby, making it rich in healthy fats and plant protein.

Taste and textureIt is a rich granola with pure Belgian cacao nibs that gives its uniquenesss and a hit with our patrons.

Chocohazelnut Chuckwagon

(Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits) 40%

This granola is an interesting and unique twist to everyone’s favourite dark chocolate and hazelnut pairing.

It is from our first series launch and was created purely for the love of chocolate. It is inspired by classic swess granola that no can never have enough of. It is 40% nuts, seeds and fruits, thereby, making it rich in healthy fats and plant protein.


Taste and texture : It is a rich granola with chewy figs that gives its uniquenesss and a hit with our patrons.

Chocolate and hazelnut superfood porridge

(Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits) 45%

Chocolate and Hazelnut is a creamy (without milk!), intensely dark and pudding like breakfast. This is one of those TNB breakfasts that we created from scratch and had almost none inspirations for. It took us a very long time and multitude iterations to create it. We wanted it to be creamy, true to its flavour, very delicious, easy to make to an extent that you won’t need cooking equipments to make it. And that’s what it exactly is. Of course, on the nutrition side, it has complex carbs from oats, healthy fats from nuts, high quality plant protein from seeds and coconut sugar for sweetener. Making a warm bowl of porridge involves just adding hot water. It also ticks all the points to suit an ideal on-the-go breakfast that is all-natural and delicious. It is 40% nuts, seeds and dried fruits for health benefits.

Taste and texture : It is creamy, dark and pudding like

Cosmic cluster (Dark chocolate)

(Seeds and Dried Fruits) 76%

Amaranth is a superfood and is high in protein and fiber. It is easy to digest and a good source of key vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Iron. It strengthens the immune system. Banana is good for bone, eye and brain health. Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, which help to improve heart and oral health. Orange is good for immunity. Beetroot is packed with Vitamin A, B, C, K and E and minerals (Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, etc.), promotes digestion, boosts immunity and cleanses the body. Carrots help in effective cell growth mechanism, strengthen liver and boost immune system. Vitamin A and beta carotene in carrots help in maintaining good eyesight.

Date day tripper

(Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits) 62%

Date Day Tripper is a gooey, cocoa rich, wholesome raw bar. 

Taste and textureA bitter-sweet raw and wholesome treat

Java chip latte

(Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits) 37%

Java Chip Latte granola bar is an innovative take on mocha (coffee + dark chocolate)

Taste and textureA small kick of coffee with goodness of dark chocolate

Protein prix

(Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits) 60%

Rich cocoa paired with creamy peanut butter and fortified with high quality vegan (pea) protein, Protein Prix is 60% nuts, seeds, fruits which makes it very rich in high quality plant protein. It is a completely functional granola that gives you 6.8g protein per serving of 30 grams. The tart cranberries give it a good overall taste. 

Taste and textureJust how peanut butter-cocoa-berries should taste!